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A Personal Insight to the Start of the Truck Season


That is what the start of our season has looked like. The Camping World Truck Series has a weird beginning to the season to say the least. We run a 23 race season and it starts at Daytona in February with Monster Energy Cup and Xfinity, but there are only 3 races in the first three months. So we wait...

So what does a driver do during the downtime? Besides getting anxious and pumped up for the next race, I choose to spend a majority of my free time cycling. Living in Charlotte, NC there are a ton of places to go ride. When I'm not enjoying the Carolina sunshine mountain biking I am in the gym on the bike and lifting weights. Fitness is super important in racing and I saw my heroes like Dale Jr. and Jimmie Johnson always cycling so I figured it was something I needed to try. I fell in love with it and get to spend time in nature so it's a win-win.

We're back on the track soon though! The guys are hard at work building our #12 Grunt Style Chevy Silverado for Kansas on May 12 with a few races right in a row right after that. We continue to build on the partnerships side of things too so look forward to some cool announcements soon!

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