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Meet Our Sponsors

In my racing career I’ve worked with many sponsors…all of them great for having supported me. With Grunt Style as my primary sponsor at Daytona though, I entered another level of partnership. They are a badass patriotic apparel brand run by badass patriotic people. Not only do they have amazing quality t-shirts with awesome designs but they have a Beer Guarantee. If you outgrow the shirt or get an oil stain on it, send it in for a NEW one! Grunt Style also employs over 100 veterans. If this company doesn’t scream America and NASCAR, I’m not sure what does. We will be raising awareness for veterans this year with Grunt Style and we ask that our fans share their military stories in support of our brave men and women all around the world.

Daytona Sponsors

Deliciously said, “Bubba Burgers are really good!” I grew up racing karts all over the country and my mom always cooked Bubba Burgers on our trips. So here I am at Daytona with Bubba Burgers on my truck and signing banners in the campground. Unreal. Guess what we ate…

Throughout my career, even up to today, many have asked what Wilkerson Automation is. That is a long story that I will sum up here. Their logo has been on my fire suit and race vehicle since I was 10 years old. I’m 21 now! Our families have been friends forever. Charlie and Linda Wilkerson have followed my racing all over the country. This 11 year journey sure has been filled with a lot of wins and victory dinners.

I’ve said it before and I will continue saying it, but I only race if I have people that believe in me enough to fund my racing. I owe it to them to ask you to complete the circle and support them. We would love for you guys to visit to purchase a Motorsports T-shirt or anything on their site. Buy some Bubba Burgers. Talk about your experience on social media and tag me.

I would like to officially thank the following for being a part of Daytona: Grunt Style, Bubba Burger, 1-800 Popcorn, Champion Spark Plugs, Zak Products, Wilkerson Automation, and Lilly Trucking.

If it weren't for my sponsors, I wouldn't be racing. They make my dreams possible.

You can follow us for some awesome videos on Facebook at Grunt Style Motorsports and Spencer Boyd Racing. Follow @BubbaBurger on Twitter and use the HASHTAG #Bubbaburgers and tell them how much you love them on my truck! Champion Spark Plugs has been a longtime supporter too and you can follow them on Twitter at @ChampionPlugs!

If you haven’t already, follow me at @SpencerBoyd on Twitter and at @SpencerBoydpr on Instagram!

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